Breakfast, lunch
& in-between

About Café Gusto

Café Gusto was cre­ated at the end of 1999 by Mar­i­anne Delaney and Denis O’Mullane when they took over the the famous O’Brien’s Cof­fee Shop at 3, Wash­ing­ton St Cork, a city land­mark which had oper­ated from that site since 1941.

Mar¬≠i¬≠anne ‚ÄĒ the lead/‚Äčprimary cre¬≠ative force in Caf√© Gusto, stud¬≠ied in the UK dur¬≠ing the ‚Äô90s and worked exten¬≠sively in the UK, Aus¬≠tralia and New Zealand, before return¬≠ing back to Cork in 1998.

From her trav­els came the pas­sion for great cof­fee and food, and she con­cen­trated her efforts in sourc­ing the very best ingre­di­ents, pro­duc­ers and sup­pli­ers, in par­tic­u­lar those from the The Eng­lish Mar­ket just across the road from the café.

Marianne’s per­sonal jour­ney with food has seen her win numer­ous awards for the café, and she serves on the com­mit­tee of the Cork Sus­tain­abil­ity Coun­cil. The café was one of the early adopters of com­postable pack­ag­ing which is now so pop­u­lar. Mar­i­anne has a great per­sonal inter­est in grow­ing and using her own food, which feeds into the pas­sion in the food served in Café Gusto.

Fol¬≠low¬≠ing on from the suc¬≠cess of the the first Caf√©, they decided to open another Caf√© Gusto on Lapp‚Äôs Quay. This new high-‚Äčrise busi¬≠ness on the river proved to be the per¬≠fect loca¬≠tion for the new caf√© with its water¬≠side set¬≠ting and large out¬≠door seat¬≠ing area, with views of the City Hall and the port.

This opened the door to a lot of cor­po­rate busi­ness for Café Gusto: from early morn­ing break­fasts and lux­u­ri­ous cof­fee breaks to laid on lunches for the offices around Cork. Clients include UCC, Mall­ware­bytes, Face­book and The Law Library.

In 2019 and 2020, both cafés were restyled and redressed for the new decade with a par­tic­u­lar empha­sis on out­side cater­ing and deliveries.

Both part­ners also run the pop­u­lar Lib­erty Grill, also sit­u­ated on Wash­ing­ton Street.

Sup­pli­ers include

  • Ard¬≠sal¬≠lagh Cheese http://‚Äčard‚Äčsal‚Äčlagh‚Äč.ie/
  • Clona Dairies https://‚Äčclona‚Äč.ie/
  • INTO Foods https://‚Äčwww‚Äč.iihealth‚Äčfoods‚Äč.com/
  • East Ferry Free Range Eggs https://‚Äčwww‚Äč.east‚Äčfer‚Äčry‚Äčfarm‚Äč.com/
  • Pana Bread https://‚Äčwww‚Äč.face‚Äčbook‚Äč.com/‚Äčp‚Äča‚Äčn‚Äča‚Äčb‚Äčread/
  • Mr Bells Providers https://‚Äčmrbells‚Äč.ie/
  • The Real Olive Com¬≠pany https://‚Äčwww‚Äč.the‚Äčre‚Äčalo‚Äčliveco‚Äč.com/
  • Dur¬≠cans Meats https://‚Äčwww‚Äč.tom‚Äčdur‚Äčcan‚Äčmeats‚Äč.ie/
  • Wicked Desserts http://‚Äčwicked‚Äčdesserts‚Äč.ie/
  • Sicil¬≠ian Delights https://‚Äčwww‚Äč.sicil‚Äčian‚Äčde‚Äčlights‚Äč.ie/